Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry Armor

This is the Roughneck Joe armor, as modeled on the original Johnny Rico figure.  Custom-made armor for the 12-inch 1996 Classic Collection GI Joe action figure.  It is patterned from actual film-used armor.  There are 47 individual pieces in each Roughneck Joe armor set.  Materials used here are the same as in the actual props.   EST-40 (A/B catalytic rubber, tinted gray) was used for all of the flexible pieces.  Sil-Cast (A/B catalytic resin) was used for the accessories.  This gives the armor a similar feel and assembly to that of the original.

Molded in three parts: Belly, Yoke and Back, then assembled in the same manner.  In this case, Cyno'd together.  All of the chevrons, side vents (we made "A-grade" armor for our Johnny figure) and webbing plates w/ rivets were molded accurately.  The armor is finished with a chest rations pack and simulated water bottle pouch.

Detailes such as strap segments and buckles are put in place.  1/4-inch grosgrain ribbon was used to simulate the 2-inch nylon webbing.  Tiny, molded buckles and adjusting rings were then fastened to the surface.  To the left side, two fabric magazine pouches, with velcro flaps, made from black pack-cloth hold the two extra Morita clips.  On the right side is attached the EST-40 thigh knife sheath, with elastic leg loops.  This holds a removable knife within a fabric pocket.  Under the armor, around the neck, is an EST-40 rubber georget with strap details.

The M-3 Tactical Helmet is made from Sil-Cast (A/B catalytic plastic, tinted gray).  This simulated "A-grade" helmet has painted ear screens and a removable chin strap.  However rarely worn since it obscures the figure's face.  Foam inserts help keep Roughneck Joe in style!

The Morita Rifle, also made from Sil-Cast, has a removable clip (... the Original Roughneck Joe came with three, for those long fire-fights).  Both the helmet and morita were sculpted from original film-used props.  The Morita rifle has dual triggers, like the original.  The pump action shotgun has a detailed grip, and the receiver has all the parts molded in there.  The Morita came out a little thick, tucked under the figure's stiff elbow against the bulk of the costume, but we've had no complaints about his "bigger" gun.

Citizen Dave with his Roughneck Joe.

Casting a new batch of armor in 2003... Roughneck Joe 2.0 is born!

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