Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry Uniform

This is the Roughneck Joe uniform, as modeled on the original Johnny Rico figure.  A custom-made uniform for the 12-inch 1996 Classic Collection GI Joe action figure.  It is patterned from actual film-used uniforms.  There are 54 individual pieces in each Roughneck Joe uniform.  Materials used here are the same as in the actual props.  The same shade of codura nylon was found (waterproof backpack material) in a smaller weave called "pack-cloth".  This works very well to scale under closer inspection.

The M.I. tunic has three miniature fabric patches, sewn down to the sleeves and chest along with a faux pencil pocket on the right arm.  A soft knit roll collar finishes the neck.  Seedbeads represent snaps on the epaulettes.  Seams have a double topstitch, just like the actual tunic.  All of this anal-retentive top stitching has been done in 1/6-Scale!  A real working miniature zipper showcases the tunic along with elastic sides and vented underarms keep Roughneck Joe in style!  The sleeves are two-tone and made from five pieces, including the armored forearms.

Elastic stirrups and suspenders keep the pants in perfect position whether he's standing at attention or relaxing between drops.  The padded lower back brace wraps around the waist to the sides, and a working snap closes the fly.  The inseams are two-tone as well.  A six-inch piece of pack-cloth showcases the pants.  Where?  It has been pleated down from six-inches to one, to cover the knee.  Stitched from behind through an opening cut out of the pants knees.  This piece flexes like a bellows when bending the figure's knee, just like the actual pants.  The shins are padded and topstitched.

The boots help showcase this Armor set. I include the boots here because they are worn.  However, these are not fabric.  They are the same EST-40 used in the armor, but tinted black.  Slush-casting them makes them hollow and flexible.  Sculpted from original film-used boots, every detail was captured... From the webbing and buckles that encircle the upper half, to the (Addidas 1995 Winter Trekker hiking shoe) tread on the botttom.  Testors Model Master acrylics are used to match the "fabric" backs to the uniform color.  The paint sticks well to the rubber, and will remain flexible if applied carefully.

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