Barracks 1

Major details are done and primed.

Pieces are cleaned and ready.  Use a straightedge to ensure the top edge is even.  Wall pieces from the Pegasus Scenery: Platformer were used here.  However, I needed almost 100 of them!  The solution: make a one-piece gang mold.  You loose the detail on the inside since the pieces are beautifully done on both... and you have to glue it down to something to make the mold.  But that was an acceptable compromise.  The door and ladder seen here were made on the same mold.

Ironically, the wall fits in even pieces all the way around!

Different bits were used for back: Car fuse solenoid for a rooftop generator, metal flask with a water-bottle sippy-cap cover for a filtration unit, cable line connector for a chimney and for misc. shapes, I pour resin into candy (Toffay) or dried-fruit trays.

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