Roughneck Minis
25mm - 28mm - 30mm Miniature Figures

Casting into ridged found objects... like cookie trays.

This free mold was once a cookie tray.  I loved the inside shape, and just had to take a pour.  This type of styrene plastic seems to stick to the resin, regardless if you spray t or not, so be prepared to loose it in the process.  If I don't need this many right now, I'll carefully cut apart the tray and pour as I need them.  Just keep them safe from being crushed, in a bin or box.

And here they are!  Pretty cool details that I couldn't have made.  These just happen to be exactly 40mm across, so an instant industrial display base??

Or perhaps a detail to stick on top of a shack or lookout post... just add a door!  Work nicely atop the bottom of this old ink cartridge holder, ne?  Shapes like these can bring continuity to a series of buildings... something to visual can help define a race or theme.

A Chips Ahoy cookie tray liner was used here, slush-coated on the inside with resin to give it strength and to help hold it's shape.

Casting into ridged found objects... like nondairy creamer cups.

This free mold was once a coffee creamer.  Sitting on the table, the ridges caught my attention.  I poured a little inside, and turned it around to coat the sides up to the lip.  I kept turning it until it started to kick off and get thick.

I let it set and cure for the proper amount, around an hour.  Then peeled the cup off of the casting.  Good detail... nice square ridges.  Who knows what they will become?!

But for now, they look like good tank-traps or barricade cover.

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