Roughneck Minis
25mm - 28mm - 30mm Miniature Figures

Plaster Molds

Plaster is quick and cheap.  What it lacks in longevity, it makes up for in cheap volume.  You can get the same hi-grade Plaster of Paris from your local hardware store.  But if you really want to spend more... you can find this at an Arts 'n Crafts store.

Here are some ice-cube trays from Ikea.  They're made from durable, flexible silicon and these are the 2 designs I felt had the most potential.  These would be perfect for walls and barricades.

On the left is an ice-cube tray from a Japanese plastics store.  On the right it an ice-cube tray from a mini-fridge... donated by a motel.  These would be perfect for obstacles and tank-traps.

This is the top of a sushi rice-press that had just the coolest texture.  One day I'll find a use for it.  Then we have a cookie tray insert that look like little IG coffins... :-)

Here we have a Japanese flan candy cup.  Look like impassible tank-traps if you ask me!


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