Roughneck Minis
25mm - 28mm - 30mm Miniature Figures

Casting into soft found objects... like food wrappers.

Molds are all around us.  I saw this one by accident, as it was sitting there, the light caught it just right.  The pouch of the wrapper is very crinkle, but kind of soft.

Checking it for holes, I poured some Urethane Plastic in to see what I might get.  I patted down the wrapper till none of it poked through the surface under the weight of the resin.

After it was set, this type of plastic allowed the resin to peel right out.  Look at this great detail, and from no work on my part!  It could be painted any number of ways... to look like mud, rock, etc.  Just put a little dirt, sand, or grass here and there, and you could have what ever you want.  Use the size it is, for a terrain spot, or trace a 25mm, 40mm or 60mm base over the part you like, and cut it out with a coping saw.  This casting came out the same thickness as a standard base.

Even the casting cup offered some interesting textures peeled out of it.  Who know what this could be used for, but I have a box of the stuff!


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