Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry "Bug-Bait Joe©"
(... and Diorama)

Continuing the legacy Roughneck Joe, a project originally started back in 1997 shortly after
the movie Starship Troopers came out.  We have a series of dead Troopers: "Bug-Bait Joe"

Stay tuned for the Troop-de-jure!

Roughnecks : The Other White Meat
Trooper with belly wound, intestines spilling out over his arm as he tries to contain them, more flow out from beneath his armor.  He supports himself with his Morita, and dies upright, frozen in rigor.  Introducing: Lieutenant Lo-Maimed
Trooper with upper body melted by acid, the internal organs dissolve, and the skin shrinks like beef-jerky.
Introducing: Trooper Kipper "Kip" Au Jus
Trooper with... well... his or her whole body melted by acid.  All that remain are their boots.
Introducing: Col. Frank "Fricassee" Saunders
Trooper with his or her head stepped on by a Tanker Bug.  the head rests in a giant footprint
Introducing: Pvt. Filbert "Mucilage" Hardtack
> > Getting Maimed Soon! < <
Introducing: Corporal Birdie

Show diorama: Higgins takes a pic of Sugar and Dizzy standing over a dead Warrior Bug.  "Yep... it's dead."

- Warrior Bug -

The large Galoob bug was used, even though it's not in the correct scale.  I figure there are different bugs throughout the system, and a dozen species or so that were never seen in the film.  The CGI series and video games have introduced over 20 new bugs between them... So here is one more.  A smaller, yet just as fierce species of Warrior Bug.
Almost all of the limbs were cut and repositioned.  (Photographed primarily from the front, I left the rear fallen leg as-is, planning to cover it a bit with sand in a diorama.)  It was important the legs gained a natural slump as this Warrior died slowly from small-arms fire.  One attack claw rests against the top jaw, while the other reaches limply over an extended leg.
For the bug blood, an almost "mint" matte green was used for dried blood,
while a deep pearlescent gloss green was used for fresh, still flowing blood.

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