Roughneck Joe Production History

 Mobile Combat Team, 2nd PLT, G Co, 2nd Batt, 3rd Reg,
   6th DIV, Mobile Infantry - "Rasczak's Roughnecks"
"Johnny Rico"
"Dizzy Flores"
"Sugar Watkins"
"Sergeant Gillespie"
"Citizen Dave"
"Crpl. Birdie"
"Weapon's Specialist"
"MI Medic"
"Sergeant Zim"
"FedNet: Higgins"
"Bug-Biat Joe"    
"Carmen Ibanez"
"Zander Barcalow"
"Fleet Medic"
Dead Warrior Bug
"Powered Armor"  UC
"Hover Tank"
"Hover Sled"  UC
"Orbital Platform"  UC
"Desert Trooper" (Diorama)
Roughneck Joe Accessories
Weapons :  Morita - Sniper - Carbine - Nuke Launcher - Grenade
R:STC Morita   - Tonshi  
Equipment :  AmmoPak - CommPak
BDU : Jacket & Pants - Armor - Helmet - Boots - Neck Ring
Stowage 1 :  Nuke Case - CC-9084 - Coffin - LODSS
Accessory Index  - Armor and Accessory Kits for Sale  
"Neo Dog - Caleb"
"Nuke Suit"
"Roughneck Jack"
"Trooper Ape"
The Original Roughneck Joe 1997-98
"Johnny Rico" : Uniform : Armor : Complete Details

 Roughneck Joe© (2.0) Armor and Accessory Kits  

- Roughneck Joe's recipes:
Click here to see how Roughneck Joe props and accessories
were created and modified from every-day objects.

Roughneck Joe© vs. Film-Used Props
Roughneck Joe 2.0 armor pieces and uniform, compared
to the actual film-used props they were patterned from.

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These are Starship Troopers re-creations of people & props seen/used in the film.
This is my What If proposal for something they "should" have had, or "could have" been in the film.  Items that fit within the timeline and/or supplement a potential story or action.
This is where I create my own history in a To Be Continued format.  If the Mobile Infantry and Fleet continued into the future, how would they evolve as a combat force.  Using the introduction, at the end of the film of Tereshkova as the "next generation" of M.I., inspired by Kow Yokoyama's S.F.3.D Original - Maschinen Krieger, I expand this world.
Update!  New updated, or better images have been added.
All new!  New figure completed, being shown for the first time.
2003  :
Year completed.
UC  :
Under construction.  Parts ready, some assembly still required.
ID  :
In Development.  Collecting parts, finalizing concept... Back shelf.

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