Roughneck Joe© Accessories: Weapons, Equipment & Stowage

Here continues the legacy of Roughneck Joe (...a project originally started back in 1997 after the movie Starship Troopers came out). Since that time, I have been working on "accessories" to represent the other characters in the film. This includes the sniper rifle, ammo backpack, communications backpack, nuke launcher & carrying case for the nukes, and a smaller carbine version of the Morita rifle. I have also worked on several Fleet characters: jumpsuit, newly sculpted Fleet helmet, etc. And smaller helmets to fit the 1997 Classic Collection GI Jane 12-inch female action figures (for both MI and Fleet). My love for this movie continues to this day, and I will not be satisfied until I have recreated the entire cast!


 Weapons 1  :
Morita - Carbine - Sniper - Nuke Launcher - etc...  
Communications Backpack - Ammunitions Backpack - etc...  
 BDU  :
Armor - Uniform - Boots - Neck Ring - Rations Pouch - etc...  
Nuke Case - Configurable Stowage System - etc...
Low Orbit Delivery System - Chemical Containment - etc...
Coffin - etc...  


Roughneck Joe's recipes:

Click here to see how Roughneck Joe props were created and modified from every-day objects.

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