Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry "Sergeant Gillespie"
Curnal Achilles Aulisio as Sgt. Gillespie

Continuing the legacy Roughneck Joe, a project originally started back in 1997 shortly after the movie Starship
Troopers came out.  Here is my homage to "Sergeant Gillespie" played by Curnal Achilles Aulisio, killed in Hopper Canyon.  Special accessories include a Communications Backpack (CommPak), hand unit and pouch.

Gillespie w/ Com-Pack on Planet-P.

A good Joe face for Gillespie.  Take note of the working miniature buckles on the backpack.
He is also sporting the 2.0 neckring, made from 1oz. leather.

Details of the communications backpack.  Gillespie's (see below) had a plain, fixed antenna.  Go to the bottom of the page for my whip antenna, matching another prop.  The backpack and handheld unit are all cast in SilCast-II Urethane Plastic.  This a very strong, fluid A/B compound that casts every wonderful detail!

From Left to right: Ace, Dizzy w/ Johnny (behind) and soon to die, Gillespie.

The handheld unit comes with a jack-in wire.

This wire also plugs into the side of the backpack.

The 2.0 boots, instead of rubber, are now being cast in SilCast-II.  This allows the mold seams
to be cleaned up and paint the wonderful details that are there between the buckles and straps.
I decided to use the original cast buckles on the armor, since they would be hidden by the pack.

The  2.0 flexible spring "whip" antenna, matches a close-up from a different film-used prop.

Show diorama: Sergeant Zim discusses which casualties to report with Gillespie.

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