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Roughneck Joe's Caleb.

Canine Troopers in the Mobile Infantry is not a new idea. NeoDogs, or Calebs, as they became known as, were dogs that exhibited basic to intermediate psychic abilities. The PsiCorp used this trait to their advantage, and over time, developed a training method using human mentors. This mental bond facilitated the ability to convey commands and instructions far beyond traditional methods. It was discovered through this training, the concept of speech could be conveyed.

The Caleb could now understand a complex series of tasks that the instructor "knew" the canine understood. If clarification was needed, this psychic link would allow the mentor to know exactly what part needed to be explained.

After basic training, the Caleb would be paired off to a Trooper with "special talents". Finding a good mental match was important if a good rapport was to be established. If the two could bond and "trust" one another, a successful team was created.

The use of NeoDogs was at it's height from before "the war" from 2119(UC) to 2124(UC). Starting their track as alert dogs helping protect and give advanced warning to outpost groups and away teams. Being few in numbers, these special units were used to guard bases and patrolling a perimeter. Only later through the success of Troopers possessing this "special talent" being integrated into the Mobile Infantry, would the NeoDog find it's place.

What started out as PsiCorp training Troopers to be "early warning" tools, soon found them to be much more. Skeptical at first, members of a squad would often gloss over a PsiTrooper's "feelings". But after he/she saved their lives the first time... you can be sure they became "believers". So it was with the NeoDog teams.

A three-piece skid plate is mounted to the front, to guard the hover jet bells.  The zimerit now covers what it needs to... textured paint will do the rest.  Final bits have been placed in logical locations, lending to future "cool sounding" explanations.
A view of the engine/reactor compartment.  Four bands of Cool Neon pulse downward (al-la ST:NG), with the fifth "beat" on the red coil. ...just a little soem'n-some'n for those who look inside.
Several views of the main guns in place.  Final shots of the turret, with close-ups of the copula ring and turret core.

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