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Roughneck Ape is a “what if” situation for the Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers. What if a real “Ape” did his part and joined? When Rico yells: "Come-on you apes...!" does this bring up a case of political correctness? This is the same armor and uniform as seen on previous pages. The new helmet sculpted for "Jack", also fits his larger head.

Here is my Roughneck Ape. He comes complete with MI Armor.
He carries a Morita Carbine without the pump-action stock. All of
my Moritas are now accentuated with a scale, adjustable rifle sling.

Roughneck Ape, ready for action!
Roughneck Jack's custom MI helmet is in use here as well.

Roughneck Ape... Ready for action!
(Compare different lighting and filters.)


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