Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry "Citizen Dave©"

Continuing the legacy Roughneck Joe, a project originally started back in 1997
shortly after the movie StarshipTroopers came out, here is "Citizen Dave".

Citizen Dave has several elements that have been modified and/or recast since the Original Roughneck Joe from 1997.  The armor is all newly cast, using RU-425 Urethane Rubber from SilPak, Inc.  This is far better than the EST-40 originally used.  It is much more flexible and contours to the shoulders more naturally.  The EST-40 created a gentle curve, while the RU-425 hangs down, simulating it's own weight.  It is also very strong.  The right shoulder had to be glued together to help form the curve of the yoke.  RU-425 will not accept cyno. It flexes underneath and pops apart.  However, it is very strong, and can be sewn through.  This allows me to sew the armors shoulders together.  The tear-strength is so great, I can cut slits beneath the plates, and feed a continuos piece of webbing right through.

This is the Roughneck Joe 2.0 rubber armor, that drapes better than the original.  He is also sporting a 2.0 neckring, made from 1oz. leather.  The helmet and Morita are cast in SilCast-II Urethane Plastic.  This a very strong, fluid A/B compound that casts every wonderful detail!  Take note of the 2.0 working miniature buckles on the armor.  

The Morita has a removable, adjustable rifle sling.  He has rubber Rations & Ammo Pouches,
Thigh Knife Sheath, and Boots.  Be sure to click HERE for details on the BDU accessories!

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