Roughneck Joe© Weapon: MK-I Morita Smart Rifle

Here is the standard Morita with the pump-action stock, offered with the original RNJ.

Automatic 7.62 mm
Point effect
Medium damage
30 rounds/clip

Intel Brief: This is the standard Mobile Infantry (MI) 7.62 mm assault rifle. Due to it's more compact size, it is preferred by Fleet. It has great range and has demonstrated flexibility in all combat conditions, including underwater warfare. Several rounds fired directly into Warrior bug nerve center will stop him, and probably kill, instantly.

Fragmentation weapon
Light area effect
High damage
10 shells/pack

Intel Brief: In the last 8 years, with some design changes, Morita remained one of the most popular bullet-based weapons. Older models had an option of blast fire; from the add on attached under the barrel. New model of this shotgun add-on has enhanced range with somewhat smaller effect radius, and it fires very deadly fragmentation shells. 
However, improved efficiency of this weapon requires all Morita's aiming and loading system resources, so 7.62 mm rounds cannot be fired while this add-on is active. Barrel of the shotgun needs to be pulled back into the body of the weapon before the further firing of 7.62's is possible.
Boot camp training includes shotgun mount/unmount practices. Time needed for unmounting ranges from 0,75 to 2.5 seconds. ( statistic data, including training and combat situations ) Powerful blast from the shotgun can be used efficiently against Warrior bugs in close combat, or to take down incoming Hopper bug.

Here is the Morita Carbine with the pump-action stock.
 This one is painted differently than all the rest, for it was offered with the original Roughneck Joe.  All of the RNJ accessories now have a new paint scheme: Euro I Gray, with a wash of US Army Helo Drab.  This looks much closer to the actual dusty film-used props.

Straight-on shots of the "inside" surface.  Note the lack of sling mounts on the original Morita.

Straight-on shots of the "outside" surface.  Note the double trigger and pump-action.

Showing off the original paint finish.

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