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Roughneck Joe 2.0

This is the rubber armor, that drapes better than the original.  Seen here assembled but un-painted.

Using the same molds from the original Roughneck Joe Johnny Rico figure's armor, it will now fit any 1/6-Scale figure by Dragon, BBI, Elite Brigade, Ultimate Soldier, etc.  It is patterned from actual film-used armor.  There are 47 individual pieces in each Roughneck Joe armor set.  The armor is all newly cast, using RU-425 Urethane Rubber from SilPak, Inc.  This is far better than the EST-40 originally used.  It is much more flexible and contours to the shoulders more naturally.    It is also very strong, and can be sewn through.  This allows me to sew the armor's shoulders together.  The tear-strength is so great, I can cut slits beneath the plates, and feed a continuos piece of webbing right through.  This gives the armor a similar feel and assembly to that of the original.

Molded in three parts: Belly, Yoke and Back, then assembled in the same manner.  In this case, with working buckles!  The front buckles are left loose and adjustable with just a pull on the straps.  All of the chevrons and webbing plates w/ rivets were molded accurately based on film-used props.  Open side vents represent "A-grade" armor, with 1/4-inch grosgrain ribbon used to simulate the 2-inch nylon webbing.

Eight sets of tiny, functional buckles showcase the armor.

Some shots showing how the webbing is passed through.

Here is Citizen Dave sporting a set of the
armor (un-painted).
See Citizen Dave's page for pics of the finished and painted armor.

Original "Johnny" armor

Male Mobile Infantry armor cats in EST-40 with molded plastic buckles.

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