Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry Tereshkova "Powered Armor"

This is my Roughneck Joe: Tereshkova Powered Armor as a “...if the story continued and technology
evolved” situation for the Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers. These are customs in progress.

I have customized the S.A.F.S. into the K.S.A.
Kraftsprunganzug = Powerful Jumping-Suit

Here is the first suit, finished and primed!  A ground deployed "flamer unit", armed with a flame-thrower and two rocket pods.  Tanks filled with an undisclosed flammable liquid mixture are mounted on the back; feeder hoses lead to the pressurizing mechanism.  This MR-9 flamer has an effective range of 300-feet (...that's the length of a football field!).  Attached to each side, is a pod firing 35 micro-rockets each, with a range of roughly 4km.  They can rotate 65º in either direction to assist in trajectory targeting.

Testing out a "desert" camo pattern.

Tereshkova Powered Armor Division
101st PACkeRs (101st Powered Armor Combat Regiment)
Kraftsprunganzug (Powerful Jumping Suit) Battalion,
"Willie's Wildcats", Lt. Rusty "Willie" Graham - First Hat
1st plat. (Ground) KSA Troopers "The Red-Eyes", Lt. Curtis "Red" Greene
2nd plat. (Ground) KSA Troopers "Victor's Victory", Lt. Jean "Victor" Dubois [ attached to* ]
 [ *Mobile Combat Team, 2nd PLT, G Co, 2nd BATT, 3rd REG, 6th DIV, Mobile Infantry - "Rasczak's Roughnecks" ]
3rd plat. (Capsule-Deployed) KSA Troopers Reentry Unit
"Terra PAWS", Lt. Rusty "Willie" Graham - Second Hat
CS Command Suit
TC Tactical Communications
PM Production Model
HW Heavy Weapon Unit
H = Hatch
Variant Optional Equipment
P = Pack
A = Armament
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Completed suits, and sneak peeks of works in progress:

Production Model




Kraftsprunganzug is actually a captured S.A.F.S. suit the Shutoral Demokratische Republik acquired after battles at (*add battle appropriate to timeline*).

Several partially intact Mercenary S.A.F.S. units had already been under study at the Shutoral National Defense Development Service.  Shortly after the success of the SDR's Fledermaus in 2884, this new project entered development.  But not until a few fully intact units were captured did scientists and engineers realize this suit's full potential.

The S.A.F.S. was found to be superior to the P.K.A.'s... and the P.K.A.Gustav of 2885, even with it's strengthened legs and increased engine size.  The balance of the S.A.F.S., it's power supply and enclosed cockpit, lent itself as the ideal platform for an expanded weapons package.  With refinements in propulsion technology, a landing thruster system could allow short "jumps" across terrain.

The Mercenary S.A.F.S. had completely enclosed the cockpit, while the P.K.A. "family" has a clear canopy.
 The K.S.A. would use the advantages of both, while retaining the armored protection.  The new suit was to utilize both direct (visual) and indirect sighting through advances in radar systems.  

This concept of a highly mobile force led to the development of the as nicknamed "SAFS-VOE" (Variant Optional Equipment).  As this weapons package was expended, if unable to reload or refill in the field however unlikely, could be discarded, allowing the suit to operate under it's own limited power.  The production model was given the name of K.S.A. "Kraftsprunganzug" ... or ... "Powerful Jumping-suit".

The K.S.A. is used by SDR Special Forces and is typically delivered by the (*yet to be named Hover Sled*).  Since each weapons package could be expanded, to suit either the specific mission or fighting style of the pilot, several "flavors" of KSA began showing up on the battlefield.  However, the main identifiable traits remained the thruster pack, jump jets and a weapons assembly.

With minor, if no modifications, the K.S.A. can be "dropped" from orbit using a Drop Capsule system.  This capability was originally developed to deliver completed units from the SDR's off-Terra production facility.

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