Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry Tereshkova "Powered Armor"

This is my Roughneck Joe: Tereshkova Powered Armor as a “...if the story continued and technology evolved” situation for the Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers. This is a custom in progress.

- Production Model -

The foundation for the KSA, is a thruster assembly, allowing one to jump over buildings and other obstacles.  Also useful in traversing small ravines and expediting progress up and over hills and mountains.  Invaluable for evacuating an area after your position has been locked on to and dodging enemy fire.

Design for the rocket pods.  Each is elliptical, packed with micro-rocket tubes.  Similar to the multi-rocket boxes used in W.W.II by the Germans or by America atop the Sherman tanks.  Good for covering fire though not as accurate.  They swivel from a stowed reentry position, to a forward facing launch angle.

This is the evolution of the hatch configuration.  It is my belief that even in the future, soldiers will still want to "see" what they are doing.  I find the camera/monitor system on the SAFS to be combat-ineffective.  In my new designs, I have tried to come up with a logical progression for "advances" in pilot needs.  The targeting site has been scrapped in favor of the new, and now proven targeting system.  "H4" shows the addition of an armored window/canopy, in a new location (details).

Better notes for the H4, details and scale.  Note the placement of the new array system.  This is a similar electronics package to the one used on the automated units Neuspotter and Oskar.

To the left, design for a really, really big gun... twice as tall as the KSA, reminiscent of Five Star Stories and Z-Gundam.  To the right, a more conventional design with a belt fed magazine and central rocket.

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