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"Advances in materials & miniaturization. Improved casting & molding techniques.
A seven year work-in-progress... time has finally caught up to the vision!"

New molds are being made, parts are being re-worked,
and sculpts of new weapons are on the way!

Weapon Kits
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R:STC Morita Kit
(the CGI TV Series "Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles" Morita)
Single piece CGI Morita

Tonshi Kit
(the Tonshi is the "advanced Morita" from the end of the film)
Five-piece Tonshi, with optional sling and

For any questions you may have:

Using the same molds from the original "Johnny" figure, Roughneck Joe (2.0) Armor and Accessory Kits will now fit any 1/6-Scale figure by Dragon, BBI, Hasbro, Elite Brigade, Ultimate Soldier, etc.  All parts are patterned from actual film-used props, and carefully recreated in miniature.  The armor is newly cast, using the RU-425 Urethane Rubber from SilPak, Inc.  This is far better than the EST-40 originally used.  The armor pieces are more flexible, allowing them to drape naturally and contour better to the figure.  It is also very strong, and can be sewn through.  Sewing the armor pieces together makes for a smoother, stronger bond.  The tear-strength is so great, slits can be cut beneath the plates, to feed a continuous piece of webbing through from front to back.  This new cast armor possesses a similar feel and assembly to that of the 1/1-Scale armor used in the film.

See Citizen Dave's page for pics of the finished and painted armor.  
The armor is molded in three parts: belly, yoke and back, then assembled in the same manner with working buckles!  Eight sets of tiny, functional buckles showcase the armor.  The front buckles can be adjusted with just a pull on the straps.  All of the chevrons and webbing plates with rivets were accurately molded, based on film-used props.  Open side vents represent "A-grade" armor, with 1/4-inch grosgrain ribbon used to simulate the 2-inch nylon webbing.  Seen here assembled but unpainted.

An example of the helmet and "leather" neckring (gorget), seen with & without chinstrap.

Rations, ammo pouches and thigh sheath sculpted and molded with strap detail, cast in RU-425 rubber.

Water bottle pouch is pack-cloth and neoprene with a strap and working buckle colsure.

Sculpted and molded boots with strap and buckle details, slush-cast in SilCast-II.

The official colors of Roughneck Joe are as close as they can get to the custom colors mixed for the film.  For best results, all plastic parts should get a light primer coat.  Weapons and backpacks get a coat of Testor's Model Master "US Army Helo Drab FS34031" (Stock No. 4723) Acryl.  The helmet gets a coat Testor's Model Master "Euro I Gray FS36081".  The armor also gets the "Euor I Gray", but just a light wash.  This will keep it from cracking and flaking too much, however, this flaking will help the armor look aged and distressed through use in combat... far more interesting than the "fresh off the showroom floor" look.  To achieve a good visual depth, you may want to rub or wear down areas of natural contact, and use a darker color in the cracks and crevasses.  Let me know if you can't find these colors in your area, and I can supply them for you.

This is a "garage" project.  You will need to clean any mold flashing and sprue knobs.  Wash and scrub each piece with some detergent to remove any mold release and hand oils prior to painting.  The vary nature of each set being made by hand, brings random elements into the individual pieces of armor and accessories.  All attempts have been made to produce the highest quality product possible.  Despite these efforts, minor air bubbles may be present in these castings due to varying weather conditions.  For the SilCast-II urethane plastic pieces, simply rub a little modeling compound (e.g. Milliput, or Squadron Putty, etc.) into the bubble and sand lightly when dry.  It is the opinion of this artist, the minor air bubbles in the armor and other RU-425 urethane rubber pieces, add character and individuality.  No two are alike.  Only the best pieces will be made available to you.  Because of this, from time to time a part may be temporarily unavailable, until one meeting my standards of quality can be produced.  Thank you for considering a Roughneck Joe Armor and Accessory Kit!

To place an order (...just tell me what you would like), or any questions you may have:

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