Roughneck Joe© Weapon: MX-90 Grenade

Fragmentation grenade
Large area effect
Very high damage

Intel Brief: Filled with HBE, the MX-90 fragmentation grenade is a standard weapon in the arsenal of each MI trooper. This grenade is detonated the "old-fashion" way of arming and detonating the bomb, using the remote detonator.

Roughneck Joe Grenade.

Here is the Grenade as thrown by ***

MX-90 grenades, with red plunger; grenade with black plunger.


Modified found-object bottle with faux cap and cap loop.
Pouch is pack-cloth and neoprene with a strap and buckle colsure.

Roughneck Joe 2.0

Modified found-object bottle with faux cap.
Pouch is pack-cloth and neoprene with a strap and snap colsure.

Original "Johnny" Water Bottle

Cast plastic pouch (no bottle).

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