Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry "Medic"

Continuing the legacy Roughneck Joe, a project originally started back in 1997 after the movie Starship Troopers came out, here is my homage to the "Mobile Infantry Medic" played by ***. This is a custom in progress.

Roughneck Joe's uniform is tailored to fit the Classic Collection GI Joe action figure,
and also fits Dragon, Blue Box, Elite Brigade and Ultimate Soldier figures.

The Medics (seen here at Camp Curie). The vest is worn over a tunic... but not over armor.

This is a "B-grade" helmet with the small Medic logo. The tunic has a large Medic patch and chest wings.

The Medics (seen here at Camp Curie) wear the custom pack made by Eagle. A water pouch can bee seen on the right hip.

This Medic (at Right) is wearing the cap, tunic and pack.

This Medic is wearing the cap with a small Medic patch.

Helping survivors of the Buenos Aires bug-meteor attack.

Medic woman (still alive) prior to deployment.

Even on Big-K, the Medic (at Right) wears no armor.

Even on Big-K, the Medic (at Left) wears no armor.

Show diorama: A medic moves supplies in the background.

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