Roughneck Joe© Weapon: R:STC Morita

Here is the Morita rifle from the CGI TV Series "Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles"
(Also being used as Lightweight Jump Equipment for the KSA Pilots)

Above, an actual cast of the final tricked-out version.

NOTE:  These are pulls from the test mold.  Airbubbles just below the surface of the mold, create an effect called "acne".  These pinprick bumps on the upper and lower flat surfaces will require just a little more cleanup, an easy job with a fine jeweler's file.  
From the artwork to the small screen... to the hands of artist Angela Portman.
A variety of ways to finish this very cool weapon.  I plan to use the magnesium polished version for the UCF Court Guards.  The Matte black cammo version will be the back-up sidearm for the KSA Pilots.  The blue version was just good fun
A dusting of bronzing powder (add $2) gives an out-of-the-mold metallic finish.

 Lightweight Jump Equipment for the KSA Pilots  

KSA Pilot ***, from 3rd plat. (Capsule-Deployed) KSA Troopers Reentry Unit "Terra PAWS".
Note the Tereshkova patch on his uniform and "paw" on the helmet.

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