Roughneck Joe© Mobile Infantry Trooper "Dizzy Flores"
Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores

Continuing the legacy Roughneck Joe, a project originally started back in 1997 after the movie Starship Troopers came out, here is my homage to "Dizzy Flores" played by Dina Meyer.  Special accessories include a Mobile Infantry uniform tailored for the female figure, the black M.I. "Camp Curie" beret.  This Trooper's M.I. beret has been painted black, with hand painted “wings”.

Roughneck Jane's uniform is tailored to fit the Classic Collection
GI Jane action figure, and the full-figured Cy-Girl.

Sergeant Zim lays into the new recruits.

The Tango Urilla crew.

Dizzy (as a CyGirl) in full MI armor and gear.

Show diorama: Higgins takes a pic of Sugar and Dizzy standing over a dead Warrior Bug.

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