Roughneck Joe© Tereshkova "Hover Sled"

This is my Roughneck Joe: Tereshkova Hover Sled as a “...if the story continued and technology
evolved” situation for the Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers. These are customs in progress.

Tereshkova Powered Armor Division
101st Tereshkova PACkeRs (101st Powered Armor Combat Regiment)
Kraftsprunganzug (Powerful Jumping Suit) Battalion,
"Willie's Wildcats", Lt. Rusty "Willie" Graham - First Hat
2nd plat. (Ground) KSA Troopers "Victor's Victory", Lt. Jean "Victor" Dubois [ attached to* ]
 [ *Mobile Combat Team, 2nd PLT, G Co, 2nd BATT, 3rd REG, 6th DIV, Mobile Infantry - "Rasczak's Roughnecks" ]
2nd plat. "Victor's Victory" [ Attached to "Rasczak's Roughnecks" ]
Remote Command Gun Platform: RCGP Battle Wedge
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- "Remote Command Gun Platform: RCGP Battle Wedge" -

- Concept -

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