Roughneck Joe© How to customize every-day objects.

Props created and modified from the real world.

Custom Parts 1
Custom Parts 2
Hover Tank

Tin coin-banks.

GM-7203 Potable and Edible Storage.

Tin coin-banks.

GM-7203-A Potable and Edible Storage.

Japanese snack/lunch bins.

CC-9084 Configurable Stowage System.

Japanese breath-mint dispenser.

Field PADD.

Japanese lunch/school bins, stackable parts cups and military surplus flare parachute.

CC-9091 Low Orbit Delivery System for Supplies.

Stealth Tent.

Picnic food cover, Sharpie pen cap and M&M Mini's container.

CC-9342 Stealth Tent Stowage.

Roughneck Joe© vs. Film-Used Props
Roughneck Joe 2.0 armor pieces and uniform, compared
to the actual film-used props they were patterned from.


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